Wall hung basin were made to make a more modern minimalist appearance and feel to your bathroom. They help you keep your bath clutter-free and keep the room bright and spacious. They can be mounted on walls or stand on their own with a counter. A stylish wall hung basin lends itself to a clean and minimalist bathroom, leaving plenty of open space below for your porcelain accessories.

Get Rid Of Wall Hung Bathroom B Basin For Good

wall hung basin

A wall hung basin also gives your vanity area added space and helps keep your vanity set up in an organized manner. With most vanity units, you usually have to either mount your basin on the wall with screws or hang it from the back of your vanity counter. Neither option is ideal because it leaves no room underneath for your storage options. Folding wall hung basins take up less space than other types of basins and with the basin on the wall it blends into the decor. A faucet is tucked into the corner of the basin for easy access to your faucets.

Wall hung basins provide you with a clean, minimalist look that goes well with any bathroom design whether you go with a traditional or contemporary look. Choose a basin with a mirror or without a mirror if you want an open-faced, natural look. They make a great statement in a home where everything is kept very simple including your fixtures, cabinetry and flooring.

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