car sticker australia

A very funny car sticker was recently found in Australia, it states, “The only tool you’ll ever need is a car sticker.” It goes on to say that because we are “technically” stupid, “we’ll never be the leaders of this planet.” This car sticker has gone on to become a common phrase around Australia and even overseas. Many citizens of this great country are very offended by the use of such an insensitive phrase.


I believe that the use of a car sticker is a form of self-expression. I also believe that it can sometimes offend others, especially when you take into consideration the history of the slogan. As the famous saying goes, “I don’t have to call you a boater if you call me a boat sucker.” This type of comment can cause some individuals and families to be embarrassed or even offended. The main point I’m trying to make here, is that everyone has the right to express themselves. Whether you’re offended or not, the message behind the car sticker is still a valid one.


There are many different types of car sticker Australia that you can get your hands on. Some of them have messages that are funny, while others have much more serious meanings. I can understand how some people would take offense to the slogan “The only tool you’ll ever need is a car sticker.” However, many people look at the funny stickers as a form of expression. If someone believes that they are being witty, funny or creative with their car sticker, then that’s something that shouldn’t bother anyone, no matter how many times someone else reads it.

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