Located in Camarillo, California, the Camarillo Dental Group is dedicated to providing the best dental care to the local community. They are your family’s first choice for dental care. As a family-friendly practice, they offer comprehensive treatment for a variety of dental needs, including cosmetic dentistry provides pediatric dentistry. If you have children, you can schedule an appointment with a Camarillo dentist to ensure their optimal health and development. Click Here – https://www.puredentalofcamarillo.com/

How to Find Camarillo Dentist

Dr. Packham, who practices in Camarillo, is a Southern California native and a member of the Camarillo Health Care District Board. He also serves on the YMCA Board, and is active in the local community, including Camarillo Community Church. He has four children and enjoys playing softball and digital photography. He is married to Roxanne, and has one son.

Dr. Packham was born and raised in Camarillo and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego. After earning his dental degree from UCLA, he served as a dental officer in the U.S. Navy for six years, where he achieved the rank of lieutenant commander. He then returned to Point Mugu and joined the doctors at Rosewood Family Dental. In 1998, he became a partner of the practice and was named the practice’s lead dentist. He enjoys spending time with his family and loves baking glamorous cookies and digital photography.

Dr. Packham’s dedication to creating a positive experience for his patients makes him the perfect choice for your family’s dental care. He offers a friendly, professional atmosphere in his practice and is devoted to making your visits as stress-free as possible. Routine dental hygiene visits will include an examination of your teeth and gums, as well as screening for periodontal disease, oral cancer, and other conditions.

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A mini facelift, also known as a mini face lift, is a non-invasive corrective surgical procedure that aims to tighten sagging facial skin. The purpose of this procedure is to assist in correcting sagging facial skin around the chin, jawline and neck. During this procedure, an incision is made at the hair line just below the chin and hair is lifted and trimmed off the skin at the back of the upper lip. This procedure also helps eliminate the double chin and lifts up the cheeks.

Advantages of Mini Facelift

Mini facelifts are performed on a short term basis for patients who cannot grow out their facial muscles. Mini facelifts are a convenient alternative to the longer and more dramatic full facelifts patients can undergo. With mini facelifts, patients can get the results they want in a shorter period of time. Due to the shorter period of time it takes for this treatment, patients typically do not need more than a few weeks downtime from the date of the procedure, and most patients notice that their sagging facial skin goes away almost immediately.

In addition to the shorter recovery period, mini facelifts are usually cheaper than other similar treatments. In most cases, patients can return to work within a day or two of their initial surgery and can resume normal activities within a week or so. Recovery time for mini facelifts is much shorter and does not require any additional recovery time such as bed rest or physical therapy. Mini facelifts are performed in a short amount of time and have minimal complications. The mini facelift recovery period is typically only a few weeks or even less, which makes this type of treatment very popular.

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