Track shorts are a common piece of gym gear. However, they can be uncomfortable. A high-quality pair will be comfortable enough to endure sprints and will be made of moisture-wicking fabric. Some models have a drawstring waist for easy adjustment. Some even have a zipper pocket for holding your cell phone or keys.

Why is Gymshark so popular?

A lightweight pair of track shorts can make a huge difference to comfort and performance. A lightweight pair from Asics can keep you comfortable throughout your workout. They are made with polyester fabric and include features that promote breathability, such as laser-cut vents at the side. A small waist pocket keeps your keys and other small items close at hand, and the shorts also feature a deep split hem.

There are a variety of track shorts available in various colors and styles. You should select the style that will suit your individual needs. Besides looking good, the right pair can also provide greater freedom of movement and help you avoid chafing. They may also have built-in liners to help wick moisture away from your body and increase your performance. Some models also include pockets and interior pouches for your phone or energy gel.

Track shorts vary in length, and you should choose the one that fits your needs and style best. Some runners prefer shorter shorts while others prefer longer, above the knee shorts. The length of the shorts is important – the longer they are, the more comfortable they are.

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